About Us


JSC ™Jurlota™ was established in 1991. It is one of the biggest wood recast companies in Taurage region. Industrial base of the company settles in Smalininkai, Jurbarkas region. Total area of the territory is 7 ha, the area of the industrial quarters and stores cover more than 7000 square meters. The annual turnover of the company is approx. 4.5 mln Lt. The company has worked in wood recast and international portage areas for more than twenty five years.

There are about 90 employees in the company. The fluctuation of the employees is low, so most of the employees have worked in the company quite a long time. That conditions high qualification of the employees and high quality of the production.

Companies from the West European countries (Germany, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands) are the prime customers of the JSC ‘Jurlota’. Relationship with some of the companies started more than twenty five years ago. Some of the production is sold to Lithuanian companies and to individual people.